What is PVC Coated fabric?

PVC Coated fabric consists of 100% polyester fabric as a base. It is then coated thoroughly with PVC films on both sides of the base fabric. This method of production allows the fabric to be strong and tensile, whilst maintaining the flexibility and lightness of the fabric. After the PVC coating is applied various surface treatments can also be applied to enhance various elements of the fabric.


  1. Eco-friendly, Heavy metal free, Phthalates Free, Compliance with REACH;
  2. Strong physical strength: Tensile, Tearing, Peeling;
  3. Various flammability standards are available for customers from different origins, e.g. B1/B2/NFPA701/M1/M2;
  4. Special treatment like Anti-cold, Anti-UV, Anti-salt-corrosion, and Anti-fungus provides outstanding weather resistance
  5. Self-cleaning, after Lacquering or PVDF;
  6. Water-proof, colorful, and easy welding, suitable for lots of fields.


They are widely applied to all kinds of products including waterproof tarpaulins, truck covers, tents, sunshades, side curtains, inflatable materials like naughty castles as well as boats, rafts etc, marquees, rolling doors, oil boom, water bag cloth, biogas bag, livestock and poultry clear manure belt and building protective tarpaulin etc.