PVC Coated Fabric material – Polyester Base Fabric

First, you already know PVC Coated Fabric is a kind of composite plastic fabric. Polyester mesh fabrhttps://www.oktarp.com/pvc-coated-fabric-material-polyester-base-fabric/ic is used as the basic fabric, and the PVC films on both sides are glued and heated together at a high temperature. Right?

Then the polyester base fabric + PVC films = total weight, right?

And the polyester base fabric mainly determine the tensile strength of goods, then it is very very important for the base fabric’s specification.

The polyester base fabric is fabric, then it has mainly two specifications to define its quality. One is the weight per unit length, another one is yarn density.

1000Dx1000D, 500Dx500D means the weight per unit length.

D is the unit, which is also called Denier, which means the fabric weighs 9000m.

  • =g/Lx9000, g is the weight of yarn (g), and L is the length of yarn (m).

Through this, we will know 1000D weight is bigger than 500D, then 1000D has better tensile strength and quality.

20×20, 18×12, and 9×9 mean the density of the yarn.

Yarn density refers to the number of yarns that can be woven into a square inch of fabric. The higher the yarn density, the better tensile strength, then better quality, then it will have a higher price.