Flex Door Material


Ok tarp tent materials are produced by advanced coating and stress release technology, and raw materials are formulized by the high degree of polymerization PVC resin. Ok tarp supplies consistent quality and ensures all parameters are within technical specifications like thickness, weight as well as mechanical parameters.

With advanced coating plus tension release technology, product flatness and elongation after installation are much better ensured which helps customers reduce the maintenance cost and ensured product performance.

Ok tarp advanced surface lacquer technology plus the Europe lacquer materials ensured the lacquer quality and self-clean performance.



Material has high and low temperature resistance, bending resistance, buffering, quiet, and high abrasion resistance, so the can effectively isolate and protect different environments, with insulation, pest control, wind control, dust control, sound insulation, fire prevention, odor control, lighting, and other functions.



2x Lacquering
Acrylic or PVDF lacquering on both sides, smooth texture, and self-cleaning.

Heavy Duty
1.0+mm thickness with Panama fabric, strong and durable

Fire Retardant
Manufactured to international quality standards, with a flame retardant additive, test standard B1/B2/M2/NFPA701.



Item Unit 900GSM 1050GSM 1350GSM 1450GSM Testing Method
Weight g/m2 900 1050 1350 1450 EN ISO 2286-2
Polyester Base fabric Denier 1000Dx1000D 1000Dx1000D 1300Dx1300D 1500Dx1500D EN ISO 2060
Threads Threads/Inch 30×30 30×30 30×32 30×32 EN ISO 2060
Tensile Strength warp N/5cm ≥4000 ≥4000 ≥4500 ≥5000 EN ISO 1421
weft N/5cm ≥3800 ≥3800 ≥4000 ≥4500 EN ISO 1421
Tearing Strength warp N/5cm ≥550 ≥550 ≥700 ≥750 DIN 53363
weft N/5cm ≥500 ≥500 ≥550 ≥600 DIN 53363
Peeling strength N/5cm ≥150 ≥150 ≥180 ≥200 EN ISO 2411
Color Fastness Grade ≥5 ≥5 ≥5 ≥5 EN ISO 877
Temperature Scope -30 – 70℃     
Width m 1.0-3.2
Lacquered Acrylic or PVDF
Surface Glossy or Matte
Special Requests: Anti-UV, Anti-Mildew, 6P, Flame-retardant, Cold resistance are available, as per customer’s requests.



Widely used in food, chemistry, textiles, electronics, supermarkets, refrigeration, logistics, storage, production workshops and other places.